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Guests Testimonials

Below you'll see some of the testimonials from guests we've had over the years. It's really amazing to see how many guests had uniquely enjoyable experiences at our Buzios Villas.

All the reviews here are true – the Cachoeira Inn is simply the best place to stay. If you are thinking of booking, do so – you will not regret it. We booked because we had never seen any hotel or b&b listed with all excellent reviews. Before we got there, we did doubt if everything that had been written could all be true. When we arrived, we were completely overwhelmed by how fantastic the place is. Matt & Susan are such amazing hosts, they offer the most personal yet unobtrusive service, and seem to know what you want before you do! We have never stayed anywhere as wonderful as this – it was so good, that we only left to go out to eat in the evening! We saw turtles all day, every day, as well as hummingbirds at breakfast! I can also recommend having a massage whilst you are there. We wish Matt and Suzy all success they deserve and hope to return one day (very soon). – REJLN from United Kingdom – July, 8th, 2010 (Extracted from Trip Advisor)

I'm without the proper words to portray our stay at the Cachoeira Inn. I could take many angles, but none seem to do it justice. I mean, where else could you absorb some of the most amazing and peaceful views anywhere, take in the feel of a town that is a mix of the south of Europe combined with an exotic AND casual Latin flavor… that happens to be rural but also a destination, ALSO enjoy the hospitality of other-worldy hosts that give you a luxury AND Bed and Breakfast type experience, AND… wake up every morning to look back and say that was the greatest sleep you have ever had in your life? I've stayed at this place, I'm writing about it right now. I don't ask anyone to think about another, it will only unfairly raise your expectations when traveling to other places! After reading some of the commentary before and after my stay, there's no need to reiterate again how amazing Matt and Susan are as people and hosts. My group was a mix of Brazilians and Americans, and everyone was 100% always smiling, whether it was a champagne toast, amazing breakfast (try the acerola jelly!), just talking about the town, or how we all wound up to cross paths in life, in English or Portuguese, everyone was always on top of the world. When staying at the Cachoeira one could NEVER leave the front door, or you can take Matt and Susan's advice, they have the town wired! Horseback riding na Praia Ferradura and around the old school "colonial" stone streets of Buzios was something I'll never forget (if you go just before dark, wear long sleeves and pants), diving off of the rocks and going kayaking around giant and tiny turtles to empty beachs and little alcoves next to giant mountains filled with wild cactii foi inesquesvil (I bought an Ocean Kayak 48 hours after returning home!), and I was told I slept one evening with the door open. I wouldn't know because I slept 8 hours in a way I had not done so in years. I couldn't wait to come home from dinner the next night to do it again! Truly, the most relaxing and beautiful single place I have ever been. Thank you Matt and Susan, you guys put in an insane amount of work to realize your vision (truly visionary), parabens, and I hope schedules allow me to come by in August or November. Ciao, beijos – Eric Whorton from New York, NY – Jun, 27th, 2010 (Extracted from Trip Advisor)

We loved our days in Cachoeira Inn! We had been to Buzios many times before, but this was a unique experience because of the fantastic place we stayed in and the most adorable people we had the opportunity to meet. We felt as part of the family of Susan and Matt. Matt's mom was visiting and we could enjoy her amazing company too. Everything was perfect! We will never forget our last night, when we were chating with the 3 of them and the other 2 guests all night long. Susan managed to have some delicious pizzas delivered to us and we were just drinking wine, laughing with the stories shared, until 3 am… genuine Brazilian style! – Cris Hopkins from Houston, Texas – Jun, 28, 2010 (Extracted from Trip Advisor)

We would like to extend our warmest thanks for providing us with great hospitality and excellent service. We had wonderful and unforgettable days in your exceptional villa. > 30th December 2008 ~ 6th January 2009. 

Thank you very much. Our two days were like a dream. I felt the warm hospitality from every staff member. Dinner in the villa beside the pool was really amazing. The cinnamon scented soap and lotion was a favourite thing for me. I feel full of appreciation as there is no way to describe such hospitality from the candle lit dinner, birthday gift for my husband and to arranging for my glasses to be repaired. I opened my lap top immediately upon returning home just to express my gratitude. > 9th ~ 11th January 2009. 

Our first impression upon arrival was the attentive service by the reception staff. When we saw our villa we liked it very much. It was just like what we saw on the internet and the set up was beautiful. The breakfast we had on the beach at sunrise was wonderful. >  29th ~ 2nd December 2009. 

We were happy to stay here, excellent service, nice environment. We had some wonderful and romantic nights to celebrate our honeymoon. > 23rd ~ 26th November 2008. 

The breakfast and the dinner at your restaurant were very good and the BBQ in the villa was so romantic. We'll always remember your kindness and affability. Every moment was perfect. > 9th ~ 16th October 2008. 

The food was delicious, the spa treatment was invigorating and the room was like out of a dream. > 10th October 2008.